Building Safe Communities: An Executive Summary

The twenty-first century is more complex, interconnected, and reliant upon technology than ever before. For leaders, this means executing adaptive and diverse mission requirements that differ from traditional workflows, where government agencies, departments, and staff of all ranks must adjust to fluid priorities and ever-increasing mandates.

Modern security challenges range from local communities to nations and regions. Organizations must prepare for natural and technological disasters, criminal activity, public health emergencies, displaced populations, and social unrest—both foreign and domestic. They must account for political, economic, and social crises that can occur quickly and without warning.

The solution to the challenging world of modern security is a Safe Community. But exactly what does that mean?

Safe Communities is a new initiative that aims to rapidly empower governments with shared situational awareness through geospatial technology. In a Safe Community, people, technology, and processes work together in a coordinated and collaborative way to enhance safety, manage risk, and increase overall engagement through daily operations. Safety and security professionals make the most of existing resources and domain expertise to ensure tactical and strategic success in their missions.

The Safe Community approach empowers organizations to do more with less by connecting multiple agencies with overlapping missions. Stakeholders with shared interests communicate and better understand risks, community hazards, threats, and crime


What Is a Safe Community?

Any community can evaluate its ability to be safe by answering the following questions:

■ Can your community respond to health threats such as epidemics?
■ Are you prepared to deal with an environmental or technological disaster?
■ Can you protect your citizens gathered together for a major event?
■ Can you manage civil unrest and execute modern crime control strategies?■ Can you manage emergencies or an intentional attack?
■ Can you protect critical infrastructure (both physical and virtual)?
■ If applicable, can you secure your borders and manage refugees or migrants?



Read this informative executive summary from our partners Esri Public Safety


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