ALPR Case Studies

Survail is a Law Enforcement investigation tool that analyzes your cities video surveillance footage to find every license plate possible on every camera in your network (even on cameras that aren’t dedicated to ALPR) and then allows you to map every-where and every-when a particular license plate has been seen.

Your investigators can instantly find everywhere a suspects license plate was seen on any set of days and clearly see the path they took through your city. Tie suspects, witnesses or victims to crime scenes, locations and/or times using warrant-less license plate surveillance searches of your own video surveillance network. See how Law Enforcement Agencies are solving real crimes today with the power of ALPR.

ALPR law enforcement tool

Murder: Forensics Case

The Crime:

Murder involving multiple jurisdictions, multiple known addresses and a missing murder weapon. 

Solving The Crime:

By tracking where and when the suspect’s car went immediately after the murder, detectives were able to pinpoint the location of the tossed murder weapon and to add additional interviewees and accomplices. Search warrants issued to search associates houses in other jurisdictions. Murder weapon recovered from edge of lake. Case Closed.

Burglary: Stuck Case

The Crime:

Series of burglaries of cannabis dispensaries late at night. Case has been stuck for lack of evidence tying the suspect to the scenes.

Solving The Crime:

Using the warrantless circumstantial evidence of tying the suspects vehicle to both the locations and dates of the crimes enables officers to build a stronger case to get further warrants and to better interview the suspect.    

Case Closed.

Real Time: Suspect Tracking

The Crime:

A bomb is setoff at a public event. LE gets several reports of vehicle fleeing the scene immediately before the bomb goes off & get several partial plate numbers. Enough to piece together a full plate.

Solving The Crime:

Police see that instead of heading to his own house in El Cajon, suspect is heading towards possibly Santee or Ramona. Suspect’s grandma lives in Ramona. Which is were police find him and arrest him.

Case closed.

Augmented License Plate Recognition

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