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Esri ArcGIS is the worlds leading geospatial information systems that power smart cities, proactive policing and advanced location intelligence worldwide. Survail is the only ALPR solution integrated with ArcGIS.

As any officer knows, location is a key factor in almost every decision they make. Esri has been a trusted partner in Law Enforcement for over 40 years, providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which enable agencies to help officers use location to make better decisions that keep our communities safe.

But the environment is changing- citizens demand more accountability, budgets demand more efficiency, timelines are shorter than ever, and officers want technology that works like their smart phones.

Hard copy crime maps are no longer enough to get the job done. To be effective in the modern policing environment, Every officer in every unit needs the ability to visualize and analyze location data relevant to them, at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Web GIS is the next evolution of GIS technology, a complete mapping and analytics platform enabling agencies to securely deliver your authoritative map and location data to anyone in your agency, and empowering your staff to make, use, analyze, and share maps and location data anywhere, anytime, on any device- regardless of skill level.

CompStat. Intelligence-Led Policing. Community Policing. Problem-Oriented Policing. Predictive Policing.

Whatever the strategy, ArcGIS apps can be configured to support every step, from interactive dashboards, to proactive detail planning, briefings, field data collection, or evaluation.

Esri’s Web GIS Platform, called ArcGIS, has three primary components:

  1. Services created from your agencies’ key data sources (RMS, CAD, FI, etc.) 
  2. A destination portal for organizing content, enabling information sharing, and controlling security
  3. A suite of configurable web, mobile, and desktop app templates that enable new application to be built quickly and easily for any mission.

Even better, Web GIS can be deployed in the cloud (with ArcGIS Online) or on-premise (with ArcGIS Enterprise) to meet whatever combination of security and infrastructure requirements your agency requires. ArcGIS is a foundational tool for analysis of law enforcement data, and it powers tens of thousands of crime analysts worldwide, who use our Desktop GIS software to perform spatial analysis, manage location data, and create high-quality printable maps. 

ArcGIS also supports a variety of web-based analytical functions, including capabilities like:

  • Real-Time Crime Center Support
  • Investigative Analysis
  • Web-Based Analysis Tools
  • Dynamic Bulletin Products 
  • Templates for Cell Phone Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Geocoding Automation and More

Get Smart. Get Safe.

Survail is a Law Enforcement investigation tool that analyzes your cities video surveillance footage to find every license plate possible on every camera in your network (even on cameras that aren’t dedicated to ALPR) and then allows you to map every-where and every-when a particular license plate has been seen. 

Your investigators can instantly find everywhere a suspects license plate was seen on any set of days and clearly see the path they took through your city. Tie suspects, witnesses or victims to crime scenes, locations and/or times using warrant-less license plate surveillance searches of your own video surveillance network. 

Why waste time watching vast amounts of video footage? Let Survail do the tedious work for you. 

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