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Powerful IP video management software plus advanced ALPR + Location Intelligence

XProtect Expert is IP video management software (VMS) for mid-sized and large-scale installations. It is built with innovative technology designed to ensure video integrity, and boost the overall performance of your system with hardware accelerated video decoding.

In addition to camera-based Edge Storage support, XProtect Expert offers reliable, uninterrupted video recording through failover recording servers. The software includes central management of an unrestricted number of servers, cameras and users, making it the perfect choice for companies deployed across multiple locations.

With multi-layered maps, alarm handling and support for an integrated video wall (optional), XProtect Expert is also ideal for installations with active live monitoring such as warehouses and stadiums.

Powerful central management

• Management interface: A wide range of administration tools help ease the initial configuration and daily administration of large systems that are deployed across different geographical locations

• Device group management: Provides fast and structured management of cameras and other connected devices in large installations

• Configuration reports: System integrators can document system delivery and provide a detailed listing of all configuration settings

• User permissions: Administrators can control user access permissions on the viewing client level, enabling them to more effectively manage installations with multiple users by assigning the exact level of access needed for each user


High-performance video recording 

• High performance recording server: Building on a native 64-bit windows implementation and an highly optimized database technology with RAM-based pre-buffering, the recording server supports minimum 3.1 Gbit/s recording rate

• Unlimited system scalability: Full flexibility to add additional Recording Servers and expand the system

• Edge Storage: Uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central storage in the recording servers, with flexible video and audio retrieval based on time schedules, events or manual requests, including the ability to combine centrally and remotely stored video using Scalable Video Quality Recording™ (SVQR).

• Reliable video recording: Hot and cold standby failover recording servers maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problems

• H.265: Support for H.265 compression: H.265 has the potential to be up to 50% more efficient than H.264, which translates to increased performance where more cameras can be connected per XProtect recording server.

• Hardware accelerated video decoding: Hardware accelerated video decoding: Shifting video decoding from the CPU to the GPU results in increased system performance monitoring more high resolution streams with lower CPU load by utilizing NVIDIA© and Intel© graphics cards.

Get Smart. Get Safe.

Survail is a Law Enforcement investigation tool that analyzes your cities video surveillance footage to find every license plate possible on every camera in your network (even on cameras that aren’t dedicated to ALPR) and then allows you to map every-where and every-when a particular license plate has been seen. 

Your investigators can instantly find everywhere a suspects license plate was seen on any set of days and clearly see the path they took through your city. Tie suspects, witnesses or victims to crime scenes, locations and/or times using warrant-less license plate surveillance searches of your own video surveillance network. 

Why waste time watching vast amounts of video footage? Let Survail do the tedious work for you. 

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