Most frequently asked questions and answers

Survail is a Silver Partner with Esri and maintains complete compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise, Pro and ArcGIS Online. 

Survail integrates seamlessly with your cities ArcGIS maps including user levels and data and insight integrations.

No, Survail supports both dedicated, optimized ALPR cameras, standard HD cameras and even static images. 

Survail is the only solution that supports augmented license plate recognition analysis on archived video from HD video surveillance cameras.

Survail is a 100% on-premise solution that keeps all of you license plate, metadata, video and analytics secure behind your firewall. 

Only authorized Law Enforcement officers can access or search any of the data. 

Survail is certified compatible with Milestone XProtect Professional, Expert and Corporate video management software including the Milestone Smart Client for Windows and Web Client.

Survail is fully compliant with the relevant FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) requirements for digital evidence.

Survail ALPR systems capture the following information: a contextual video and photo of the vehicle, an image of the license plate, the OCR text of the license plate, the geographic coordinates of where the image was captured, and the date and time of the recording. The system also identifies the specific camera/unit that captured the image with either GPS coordinates and/or camera name/location.

Neither the ALPR camera nor Survail have an Personally Identifying Information (PII) and never identify any individual or access their personal information through its analysis of license plate numbers. The data captured by the ALPR unit itself is completely anonymous. There is no personally identifiable information contained in an ALPR record and the operator can only determine the registered owner of a vehicle by querying a separate, secure state government database of vehicle license plate records, which is restricted, controlled, and audited. The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) restricts access and prohibits the release of personal information from State motor vehicle records to ensure the privacy of citizens. 18 USC § 2721-2725. Further Survail is FBI-CJIS compliant for reporting and maintains secure, logged access to all ALPR records accessed by registered law enforcement officers.

Agencies vary in their ALPR data retention policies based in part on their strategic and tactical objectives in using the technology, and the specific laws and regulations of their jurisdictions. Research is presently underway to define specific ALPR metrics that will help in establishing an empirical foundation to data retention policies.

Only authorized law enforcement personnel who have met the minimum training, certification, and background checks required for access to criminal justice data should have access to the Survail ALPR database. Access to any ALPR database should be restricted to trained and authorized law enforcement users who have a specific and approved authorization to access the database for a lawful purpose that includes both a need to know and a right to know the information. All queries for ALPR data are subject to auditing and all access is recorded in audit logs which are maintained for a suitable period of time consistent with each state’s records archival laws. Audit reports are structured in a format that is understandable and useful and contain:

  • The name and agency of the law enforcement user;
  • The date and time of access;
  • The specific data accessed;
  • The authorized law enforcement or public safety justification for access, including a relevant case number if available.

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