automated license plate recognition

The Future of Augmented License Plate Recognition

 Find Plates. Track Suspects. Solve Crimes.


Survail is a Law Enforcement investigation tool that analyzes your cities video surveillance footage to find every license plate possible on every camera in your network (even on cameras that aren’t dedicated to ALPR) and then allows you to map every-where and every-when a particular license plate has been seen. 

Your investigators can instantly find everywhere a suspects license plate was seen on any set of days and clearly see the path they took through your city. Tie suspects, witnesses or victims to crime scenes, locations and/or times using warrant-less license plate surveillance searches of your own video surveillance network. 

Why waste time watching vast amounts of video footage? Let Survail do the tedious work for you. 

Put Your Perps On The Map 

Survail moves beyond traditional ALPR to deliver AI based Augmented License Plate Recognition and Reporting. Survail presents the vehicle of interest (VOI) results in context on an Esri ArcGIS map along with a chronological list of all matching videos or images. Law Enforcement can clearly see the path or locations of the vehicle over time, can play the associated video clips to confirm, and can export a secure Chain of Evidence Report for CJIS compliant evidence management. 

Use Survail’s AI based Neural Network to Automatically find any license plate, on potentially every camera in the entire network, whether it’s optimized for ALPR or not. Solve crimes faster.


A Smart City Is A Safe City 

The Survail appliance uses AI based machine learning to analyze your video surveillance network and automatically recognize all possible license plates and creates a master MetaVideo© database that is fully search-able. Officers can easily search for any license plate (even partials) within a date range and in a specific map based view of your city. Survail then shows you the path that vehicle took over time on your Esri ArcGIS map. 

Survail delivers clear and actionable video evidence correlated to license plate detection events. Tie suspects or victims to crime scenes, build circumstantial evidence for more advanced warrants and solve crimes faster so officers can get back on patrol. This augmented intelligence enables one law enforcement officer to perform the work of many officers in less time and at lower cost. You can easily track and find stolen cars/ plates, match plates to locations, match Amber alerts, create BOL watch lists for plates and any number of crime solving and community policing initiatives. 

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